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    Clean Green Ceramics is an education, accreditation, certification and support body that assesses environmental management for ceramics artists and places where ceramics are made (residencies, studios, education institutions, potteries etc).


    Clean Green Certification enables you to:

    • build your brand
    • communicate your ethics, values and the impact of your art work or ceramics business, with pride
    • actively make a difference to your own health and well-being, as well that of your community and beyond
    • increase engagement by connecting to your client's changing values
    • help build a better world

    A percentage of our profits are donated to tree planting organizations. Why plant trees? To fight climate change, create habitat for endangered animal species, offset the carbon emissions from travel, restore water cycles, stop erosion, prevent desertification and create full-time incomes for people in less privileged regions. Tree planting supports 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.


    ~ ensuring a better tomorrow,

    ~ one step at a time

  • Services

    Every Clean Green Ceramics Certification project is unique.

    Every client is special & we look forward to learning more about your work, studio, residency, educational institution or pottery.

    Individual Ceramics Artist

    Community Studios


    Schools & Higher Education Institutions


  • 4 Simple Steps 



    Register & pay online.
    We will set up a Clarity Call with you & send you our Clean Green Ceramics Evaluation Forms.



    Our team will evaluate it & contact you.



    You will have a 1-2-1 video meeting with an assessor to review your application.



    Congratulations - you're certified! Now, you are empowered to amplify change. Certification valid for 2 years.

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